Book Review: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Here’s my full book review of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. I love this book I’m so excited I finally got to read it. I’ve always wanted to read just haven’t had time to so and now that I may see the second side wanted to do any time of reading and this book is special to comes to business and self-help has been kind of a notorious book super iconic and I think the reason why especially after reading it now is I’m not gonna lie I don’t like a lot of self-help books a lot of them are a bunch of fluff they just ramble on they don’t mean they give you any actionable items they’re just bunch of nonsense.

My honest review of the book

In my opinion, this book though not only gives you a lot of psychological perspectives of the way people operate and how to communicate with people gives you a lot of philosophical perspectives as well and it kind of combines in this very unique way all the philosophies and psychology of business along with personal communication right a lot of these tactics and tricks and techniques that he gives you are not only for yourself you know kind of improve yourself but also how to conclude communication not to people in your business and at your job and in your career but also with your family with your friends with loved ones with pretty much anybody nasty.

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Whats inside the book?

As it sounds to be Seven Habits of the book and that’s what I’d like is that these very actionable items and it’s almost like a step-by-step guide to kind of build upon each other so the main idea of it yes I got a diagram it looks like this it’s visually like the famous diagram from the book and basically starts with dependence so basically focusing on I or V then it goes to independence focusing on you or focusing on other people and then I go to sit interdependence basically focusing on weak or basically the collective

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First officers will be private victory this is the idea of like working on yourself first then other people so it has been proactive begin with the end in mind and then put first things first and these are ideas and philosophies and tools that you can use in your own life again just to work on yourself like more of a personal growth type guide then you get to independence obviously be focusing on other people and really focusing on as it says here the public victory so they don’t obviously think

When seek first to understand then to be understood and then synergize for the public victory then you get to enter again we which is sharpening the saw the idea is that once you work on herself once looking to other people and once look on the collective as we it’s the constant and ongoing process of improving yourself you know getting better and something that no one’s ever perfect out again we’re all human but it may seem to prove yourself in every way shape and form.

Wrapping Up

The book is that especially the lost self-help books and I’ve read a ton of business books out there I like the way he basically describes a lot of these tools and tactics I like the way he goes into a lot of psychology and a lot of philosophy and kind of goes back and forth in addition to its really unique.

how he says look he’s like that this is not just a business book this is not just a self-help book this kind of button of both because these are things that just improve your life in general whether it’s seeing with a spouse whether seeing with a close friend whether thinking with a business partner, a CEO, a co-worker whatever the case is these are philosophical and psychological tools to improve yourself and improve any organization or any team that you’re a part of. So yeah, you must give it a try. You can Buy it from Amazon.

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