JEC Love Story by Indranee Sharma

Not so long, just a year ago, we all heard about “JEC Love Story,” a viral love story that has flooded on social media. But since a year has been passed, people lost interest in it or might have completed reading that story. But some people still want to read that love story once again or might have never read that before. Indranee Sharma, the author of this beautiful love story, used a blog to share JEC Love Story with the reader.


Later on, she also published her book using the same name, but the author forgot to index it in Amazon or Flipkart. As a result, readers are facing trouble buying this book during the countrywide lockdown period. Moreover, her blog expired a week ago. Now readers have no choice to read that love story. But I have a solution for that. I’ll be sharing that solution in this article. So stay tuned, 

JEC Love Story by Indranee Sharma
Author: JEC Love Story

JEC LOVE STORY: Tales of two love birds

Before I get into the solution, let me tell you what exactly JEC Love Story is? Its a beautiful love story of two couple Arnab and Aastha during her engineering college days. The story revolves around these two characters.

How Arnab and Aastha meet? How Arnab expressed his feeling to Aastha? What was Aastha’s reaction when Arnab proposed her? What happens when Arnab goes to Aastha’s Home.

The author answers all the questions in her blog in part wise.

Everyone likes the story because of its sweet and simple language that too, in Assamese Fonts. Even it’s a long-run story, but nobody got bored with it. Every Sunday, the author used to publish a part in her blog, and we, the readers, waited for that Sunday madly. The author completed this story in three months. 

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JEC Love Story Book

And finally, the book is available on Amazon India. You can buy a paperback format from Amazon or get a free pdf like the version from Kindle.

Live Link of JEC Love Story by Indranee Sharma

Now let’s talk about the Live Link for JEC LOVE STORY

As the blog, surpasses a year; the domain got expired, and the registrar of the domain asks the site owner to renew the domain. But I guess the site owner forgot to renew that domain. If anyone of you knows the site owner or the author personally, please let them know that the domain has expired, and readers can’t access the website.

The Archive Link of the blog Indranee.org

This much for today’s only. Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope you liked it. To find more posts like this, please check out the book section of our blog or can click here.


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