Eating in the Age of Dieting by Rujuta Diwekar

When food and exercise become a sustainable and life-long choice rather than a burden, it paves way to a healthier and more content way of living. This is what Eating in the Age of Dieting is all about.

Rujuta Diwekar is a well known name in her field both nationally and internationally. The ideas she shares with us in this book resonate with the traditional Indian food system combined with the current advances in nutrition science.

This book is an accumulation of ideas from some of her best works on:

  • Food trends and myths.
  • Physical activities like yoga and exercise.
  • Nutrient rich foods in the kitchen.
  • Festival and seasonal foods.
  • Traditional/heritage recipes.
  • Women and children’s health.
  • Quick suggestions to maintain good health.
  • Food solutions for specific health concerns.

About the Book:

Eating in the Age of Dieting

Eating in the age of Dieting was released on 16th November 2020 by the Westland Publications. The number of pages are 317 and the language is English.

Eating in the Age of Dieting


Section One: Food is a Blessing

  • Basics of Good Health.
  • Health Beyond Weight Loss.
  • Food Myths.
  • Diet Trends.

Section Two: Food is Local, Seasonal, Traditional.

  • Festival Foods.
  • Seasonal Foods.
  • Daily Superfoods.
  • Forgotten Superfoods.

Section Three: Food is Medicine.

  • Foods for Common Health Conditions.
  • Quick Tips for Good Health.

Section Four: Food is for Everyone.

  • Exercise and Yoga.
  • Kids Health.
  • Women

About the Author:

Rujuta Diwekar is an expert in her domain and her books have sold more than 1 million copies in 7 languages. She is the winner of ” Nutrition Award” from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology. She is the only nutritionist to have associate membership from Sports Dietitian, Australia.

Be it businessmen or celebrities from movie industry or sports or a homemaker, her clients have been from different sections of the society.


She has written many books related to losing weight, pregnancy, PCOD, superfoods, etc. One of her best sellers has been ” Don’t Lose Mind, Lose Weight.

Final Review of Eating in the Age of Dieting:

This book is actually a synopsis of all her previous books over the past few years. If you have been following her work from a long time then there won’t be much need for you to buy this one, but if you are a newbie to this world of fitness then you definitely need to treasure this.

She emphasizes on eating traditional, seasonal food instead of westernizing our food choices. We actually need to use our common sense instead of going with the trends. The need to shift our focus from body fat to muscle strength and bone density is important. She wants us to take food as a blessing and not be guilty of having it, which I’m in complete agreement with.

Being healthy doesn’t just mean living a disease free life, but having the energy, the enthusiasm and the zeal to live it. Believe in the recipes of our grandmas or even our mothers, there is no need for any alterations. They know better than us and you can save money when you prefer home-cooked food over outside food.


She also talks about yoga and exercise, but this book is more focused on the food we eat. The language and the way she explains everything is easy to understand. It is inspiring and compelling. There are some repetitive suggestions, but I believe there is a reason why they need to be repeated. It is like positive affirmations that we keep repeating until we start believing in them.


Q1. How to download the Eating in the Age of Dieting pdf?

Ans: As of now, there is no such way to download Eating in the Age of Dieting pdf. Once we get any information, we will update this article.

Q2. Is Eating in the Age of Dieting PDF free?

Ans: PDF versions are always free, but as we know, piracy is a crime. So I urge my readers not to download any pirated pdfs. Instead, get the Kindle version of this book.

Q3. From where should I purchase Eating in the Age of Dieting?

You can buy it from Amazon as well as Flipkart. The price of the book is more or less the same on both the sites. So, before it goes out of stock, go and order one for yourself.

From where to buy Eating in the Age of Dieting

You can buy this book from Amazon and Flipkart.

Disclaimer: We don’t support piracy; that is why we can’t provide pdf links. To read this, you must buy it or borrow it from your friends like we do.


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