Book Review: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Here’s my full book review of Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker this was an insanely fascinating read for numerous different reasons that I’m even into and jumping right into it Matthew Walker is a professor of neuroscience and psychology at UC Berkeley and a former professor of psychiatry at Harvard as you can imagine an insanely smart person and his biggest kind of knitting focuses in on his sleep and he basically talked all about sleep and for a lack of better explanation or to basically sum up those podcasts into like a sentence or two he said to look as a society one we need to sleep more and two we need to sleep better.

Honest Review of Why we sleep

In this book, it talks about all the different and newest sleep research that’s come out, and there are a bunch of reasons you know that he explains in this book sleep is insanely beneficial for numerous different physical and mental benefits. Why we sleep basically breaks it into different parts. There are basic things like sleeping caffeine, jetlag, melatonin defining and generating sleep and time dilation no dinosaurs, napping with half a brain things like evolutionary psychology, and the evolutionary ideas of why sleep came to be. Changes in sleep across the lifespan and he goes into basically why should you sleep.

Benefits of Sleeping

And in next part he talks about things like you know the benefits of sleep for the brain, what’s the deprivation does to the brain and the last but not the least, cancer heart attacks in a short of life how busy sleep deprivation can basically complete the end of your life and you live not only a shorter life but not as good of a quality of life. Many basic goes into how and why we dreams or things like you know REM sleep dreaming, dreaming is overnight therapy, gene creativity and dream controls are specifically related to dreaming and then lastly he basically goes into no sleep disorders.

Things that stopping us from sleeping

Kind of what’s stopping us from sleeping things like iPads computers TVs all that kind of stuff you know off hurting and helping your sleep you talking about therapy and therapy work and then kind of combine that with pills you know our sleep pills actually good for you or not and then the house you basically sleep in society.

Author of Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

What medicine and education are doing wrong and what Google and NASA are doing right and like I mentioned before he got talks so much about different things about sleep with I think the biggest thing, especially for me and the biggest takeaway and I, ‘ve already always kind of said this is I feel like all the star people always says they don’t have time for sleep.

You may hear all the time people almost brag about no time for sleep. I get three hours to sleep at night whatever any basics describe in book-like look this mentality that no sleep is cool or like bragging. I had this ego about lack of sleep or whatever is a horrible thing to do and I think one of the biggest things especially for me is you describe the book numerous limited studies.

What causes less sleep?

How when people would get tested if their lack of sleep affected their mental performance it was no question probably not surprising there’s no question then when you get less sleep you don’t perform as well mentally physically in every single area and the craziest thing is that not only is that the case but when people are asked about it they are super aggressive

And they be like my lack of sleep didn’t affect my performance but the statistics and the numbers don’t lie and there’s numerous of the things that he goes into when it comes to sleep.

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My Opinion on Why We Sleep

I like honestly I was absolutely fascinated by this book and I think especially the weight training that I really like is you will describe a topic and kind of everyday speech and then go into the science behind it cuz sometimes especially for me.

I want to hear the intense scientific data and facts and you know obviously I don’t understand every little bit of it but it’s cool to kind of understand and kind of divulge into the more intense things when it comes to the psychology, biology and the endocrinology aspects of how sleep affects your body and so much more and I’m telling you I think for anybody because we all sleep everybody has to pick this up. So yeah, go and pick up Why We Sleep in your reading list. Get it now from Amazon.

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