Book Review: Prey by Michael Crichton

Hello Readers, I am back with a new book review. And today i’ll be reviewing prey by Michael Crichton now normally on this series I typically do nonfiction I like to read books that I could got him gain something out of them and very rarely but I still read fiction here and there but even when I do read fiction

I still like some type of like philosophical undertone or something that I can still similar to nonfiction I get something out of the book and very even more rare than that when I read a fiction book just for pleasure a fiction book that’s just really good just in general and this is one of the few prey is an incredible book I never will say Michael Crichton’s easy one my favorite fiction authors

What’s inside the book?

Pray is an unbelievable book all about basically the whole idea of basic AI taking over it’s based off of narrow particles and a lot of the science is talked about in the book even though this is a fictional novel is actually true so the one thing that

Book Review: Prey by Michael Crichton
Author of the Book.
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I love about this book grab the bat is a lot of these scientific references about AI and especially with evolution and kind of prep for prey dynamics and the logistics and algorithms to go into it and me the computer science it’s all kind of wrapped into this book and a lot of things I talked about are very very factual which is super core and that’s one thing I love

The second thing about this book that’s very very interesting to me is any probably others before sometimes people will say oh my god the book was so good I couldn’t put it down and I feel like giving me that’s usually kind of a cliche like oh yeah you couldn’t put it down you know it’s a little bit of like a cliche saying anyone says about a good book but this is one of the few books I’ve ever read maybe one of three or five if that that literally

My Opinion on this Book

I honestly could not put it down I the first time I read it I remember I was Larry speed reading it because I was so excited to see what’s gonna happen next looking from start to finish this book is a crazy attention

Ernie following somebody who was basically working in the computer science field building algorithms for nanoparticles kind of evolved and mister creating AI so that AI could kind of work on its own and all about kind of how as you can imagine as a lot of these stories go the

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AI starts to kind of take control such a kind of you know start attacking humans and it’s about how the main character in the book kind of overcome this issue because the AI is not responding to human responses another kind of doing things all in the room they’re learning and adapting in ways that didn’t predict and there’s a very interesting book

This book is suitable for

I think that for anybody who especially if you love science fiction you cannot get better than this book not to mention as I said in the beginning too that it’s really cool for me especially when I read a fiction novel that they’ll bring up a lot of unique points about stuff that I’ve never really thought about like because in this book it talks a lot about like for example when hyenas attack you know some prey to get on and get food

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what actually goes on with the Highness an addition was emergent which is a property of an even like an anthill one individual ant isn’t smart but a gigantic collective goober band is extremely intelligent where they wage wars they have eight types of ants and do different types of working jobs they built entire ant hail I mean it’s insane so all these different properties are emergent of like predator-prey dynamics are all talked about and discussed

Wrapping Up

In this book so as even though it is a fiction novel I mean the amount of interesting new perspective like getting on everything from keep your science AI to just biology and evolution was pretty insane too so and for me like I kind of said I do like reading sometimes your pleasure but mostly I’d like to read something that can get something out of it and this book luckily had both so honestly if you’re looking for a crazy just so good fiction novel that Eva can now put down and just is an intense rush from start to finish you can not get better than Freddy.

Thank you for reading for this review. I hope you liked it and if you want to read more book reviews by me then please checkout Book Review Category of our website!


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