Book Review: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Hello Readers, today I am going to review a new book and wasting any more time here we begin the Book review Man’s search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Before I start deeply I just want to say this is absolutely one of the best books I’ve ever read or I want to say one of the best books ever written and I think it’s a book that every single person should read.

Honestly, it covers everything from history to philosophy to psychology to just human life in simple words and it’s very intense yet very captivating and very eye-opening now these are the premise of this book its kind of displayed to kind of two parts which I love the first part is a blend of history and its own accounts and you know blending that with psychology philosophy and then the second part is coming analysis of that.

About the Book Man’s Search for Meaning

Now in case, you don’t know if you’ve ever heard this book is basically about the Holocaust. Viktor Frankl is a well-known psychologist an incredibly smart person who’s a Holocaust survivor and when he was in the Holocaust, the first half of this book contains about all the things that happened so.

Book Review Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
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The plot of the book

It’s a little bit about historical you know recount and kind of recap of what he experienced in the Holocaust but not only that what I love about this book is that nobody’s talked about what happened to him and I’ll see the horrific things that happen during the Holocaust but he talks about the philosophical and psychological implications of how reviewed everything.

Book Review Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
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He lost pretty much his entire family to the Holocaust and as a result, he was kind of by himself. He talked a lot of the psychological perspectives and the new ideas he gained about what it is to live about meaning about finding a purpose and now that can kind of transcend a very intense situation and especially how that can transcend intense suffering which all see.

What he went through is insane also while reading this book, I said it’s very intense but very eye-opening and through his suffering, through everything that he went through the kind of created a new form of psychological thought called biotherapy.

I have the definition pulled off basically kind of where it’s simply lago therapy was developed by a neurologist and psychiatrist Victor Franco rather than power pleasure blogger therapy is focused upon the belief that is the straw to find a meaning in one’s life that is the primary most powerful motivating and driving force in human such saying that the goal of life transcending all type of psychological analysis.

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Things you will learn from this book

You’ll get you to know everything from AIDS teachings to psychoanalysis to every single psychological thought and pass it and find out there the truest most important one is that having a meaning or having a purpose will transcend any situation that allows you to gain a greater psychological perspective and viewpoint of your current situation kind of the idea that it doesn’t matter what happens around you doesn’t matter what happens in your environment it matters how you perceive what happens your environment and so I’m just having that perspective or that new lens to look at things through can completely change your reality.

Things I liked about the book

What I love a special about this book that I really like is not only like I said in the beginning that it has the first part talking about the historical recounts and in psychological and philosophical perspectives but the second half of this book is then about why would there be itself more of the designs the psychology the practice.

Implementation in your own life

How you can use it in your own life and that’s what we love about this book is that like the first half that is mind-blowing to say the least that that’s an understatement, to be honest, it truly is incredible and I love that the second half kind of says okay here’s everything that experience because my viewpoint on everything

I experienced now here are the things I learned just from an educational perspective and it’s cool that he’s it will blend all this together in this amazing book I like I said I really think that this book is one of the best books ever written not only I think just in terms of psychology that if you’re into the human mind or psychology your friends and creping fascinating but just knows of history in terms of living.

Wrapping Up

I feel like I literally can’t think of anybody that wouldn’t take something out of this book that we’re gods before you are what you do when of your profession is Reva viewpoint is on life it’s really the type of book that it’s very eye-opening not just about also what happened in the Holocaust which is a whole other you know historical recap which is amazing him giving his own personal perspective but all the implications of living what it is to live obviously has the neighborhood man search for meaning.

What is to define meaning is your meaning of life you know he really brings up all these unique and imaging viewpoints that are really kind of tied in with his own experience and his own you know being incredibly smart his own psychological knowledge and how that all exists within the human mind and our perception of reality so I can suggest this book undoubtfully and I promise you one of the best books you’ll ever read.

Thank you for reading for this review. I hope you liked it and if you want to read more book reviews by me then please checkout Book Review Category of our website!


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