Book Review: I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Here’s my full book review of I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse by Michael Franzese this was such an interesting read for numerous different reasons ovulating in this book. In case you don’t know or you never heard about him, Michael Franzese’s basically a former mobster was a made man and end up getting out of the mob and now he’s basing motivational for speaker and a book writer and

He deals with a lot of businesses it’s almost like a business consultant especially for entrepreneurs and when I picked this book up and when I read some low Tibbets about it cuz his life as you can imagine is incredibly fascinating especially all the incredibly unique and interesting stories that he has.

Why I picked up the book?

I wanna pick this book up and I expected reading some stuff about it that said it was all it’s a business book that talks a lot about business strategy and basically business tips for anyone in business or basically starting their own business. I actually disagree with that what I loved about this book which I do not expect is that if you’re this is more of a business philosophy book then a business practicality book that makes sense means like you are business books out there officer for me being a former accountant being someone’s big in business.

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I’ve read every business book that says oh here’s how to start a business here are all the technicalities of what did you do when running a business but what I love about this book is it doesn’t really go into the technical aspects although there are hints of it more talks about the philosophy of business the philosophy of living and the philosophy of decision making which

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I thoroughly enjoyed even on the back of the news as most books do they kind of categorize it as being a Business and Economics book and I think that’s could not be more false especially in the economics part. I think this is a business and philosophy book especially when he goes into a lot of philosophical aspects it’s very very unique to hear about Michael’s perspective.

My honest review of the book

What he does throughout the entire book is talks about two main for South Africa points not only related to the mob and not only relate to business but life in general and that has basically Machiavelli’s earnings and basically the Machiavelli in principles all see Machiavelli’s The Prince is one of them probably one of the most popular books of all time and that kind of Machiavellian thinking and they talks about Solomon’s thinking so if this book is more of a Machiavelli versus Solomon and the philosophies for each and the differences right the pros and the cons for each of them and how that gets tied into business.

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How that gets tied into decision-making how that gets tied into things like the mob and starting a business and also and more especially different ways the pros and cons of both to run your life and the way to basically live and not only does it go up all this kind of philosophical aspects but even ties into all these unique stories and my kind of love that it’s really interesting because

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Business along with philosophy

I’ve heard a lot of business books well you can tell someone just kind of going through the motions but they’re like. Here’s what you do with your business and they give you some points you’re like okay cool but it’s come on Michaels words and the way describes things he’s just looking this is not something running in the book this is not something I need you don’t learn about doing a class while getting a dream this is things I learned on the streets being a mobster and it’s cool that a lot of his philosophical perspectives

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I guess vice-versa his perspectives on that philosophy he is a very unique lens that he looks at everything through because it’s all via his experience and that’s right throughout this book go give some philosophical point or some tip about how to run your business okay like here’s a little reason why and they’ll go on some very unique and interesting and captivating story about something that happened to him or something that happened to someone that he knew and why it worked out and why possibly didn’t work out so

Wrapping Up

I think for anybody especially in business and entrepreneurship especially this is such a fascinating read I might even say for anyone really interested in philosophy this is such a captivating philosophical book about talking about the differences between Machiavelli and Solomon so for news of reasons all those kind of like I said, in addition,

I think just cuz all his stories are I mean it was really like a book you couldn’t put down because I was even more incident sometimes than the stories then it wasn’t the philosophy because the stories were so interesting so for a host of reasons I’m telling you to pick up this book. You can pick it up from Amazon.

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