Book Review: All most Interesting by David Spade

What’s up everyone here’s my phone book review of all most interesting by David Spade I’m a huge fan of his and I feel like for a lot of comedians their stores are super interesting. I mean I personally think that Sam comedy is easy one of the hardest art disciplines to do right I mean being on stage performing in front of hundreds sometimes if not thousands of people being forced to be funny is incredibly difficult and I think especially for a lot of comedians the beginning of that journey is gut-wrenching right.

I mean going on stage and bombing over and over again and for what I’ve read about a lot of comedians from what I’ve heard from a lot of comedians that’s just the process right you just have to bomb on stage and over again till you get comfortable on there and kind of revise your material so on.

Things inside this book

This book basically is about his life it starts off off soon with this family life which is a huge Ken of war on drugs war two that was a lot of stuff happened in his family life especially with his dad suitcase he talks about that and be seen his upbringing and how difficult it was either one from there basically all the way to college will be she had this big show and paraphrasing a lot of this he basically said look he’s like this show was the main show that was like okay if I do well on the show.

All most Interesting
Author of All most Interesting
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I’m gonna keep pursuing comedy because at this point he’s already done a bunch of shows here and there. He’s doing kind of like local comedy gigs it’s for some side cast and he’s like okay if I do well in this show I’m gonna keep pursuing comedy but if I don’t I’m done forever like this is that one show this basically gonna make or break me and decide for me personally if I’m gonna keep doing it he did well something basically often kept pursuing a comedy and everything and then from there and he kind of goes to the whole journey of moving to LA.

How he shifted to LA

He was busy talking about the craziness and the difficulty of what it’s like moving to LA. I mean you moved here you don’t know anybody it’s a very intense city everyone’s trying to make it everyone do whatever they can so it’s a very very very cutthroat City we talked a lot about that and trying to get a movie gig trying to be some addition for certain shows everything that comes with living the LA life then moves to basically Saturday Night Live and what it’s like to be a Senate live writer that to me is actually one of the most interesting things because I’ve always loved Saturday Night Live

Book Review: All most Interesting by David Spade

I mean it’s almost arguably one of the biggest entertainment TV shows of all time it’s brought so many amazing stars to the forefront that have gone to be on Sunday Night Live just as a writer which he started on they do a cast number and then often to you after they left being a huge movie star and he talks a lot about the good parts of being on Saturday live but mostly the bad parts right it was really eye-opening and see all the craziness that goes into it it makes sense I mean every week you’re forced as a writer to come up with this amazing skit that supposed to make people laugh

My opinion on this book

It’s supposed to be entertaining and if you don’t get on or can get your script, oh your act doesn’t get on the show you may not be would have a job that next summer coming around so it’s very cutthroat it’s very intense to be right he talks a lot about that then go on from there to basically then.

Being on the show work with Chris Farley cuz obscene you just talk about this as well you just take a quick like kind of side segment in the chapter to talk about what it’s like being friends with somebody as notorious as Chris Farley and for them to pass away and after him passing away any time someone talks about David Spade Chris kind of Eastin they’ll be associated with them so we talked about how it’s tough the fact that off see he himself.

Book Review: All most Interesting by David Spade

Mrs. Christie early and yet every time someone sees him it’s something they always associate him with for better or for worse you had me so that’s very interesting here as well at that point obviously goes from Senate Live working with Chris but then after that point he kind of then goes into a whole other segment of just talking about random little like chick tricks like relationship advice.

Wrapping Up

He has the progression of the book in terms of his timeline kind of just holds right after Sunday Night Live Tommy boy’s face is the last one that he really has it was like that kind of chronological progression and they just go and talk about just random love stories that have happened to him I will say for this book it was super interesting especially from an entertainment perspective in addition to I think for any stand-up comedian he’s also an iconic figure when it comes to stand-up comedy this is one book that you definitely have to pick up. You can get it from Amazon.

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