Big Potential by Shawn Achor: Book Review

Here’s my phone a book review on Big Potential by Shawn Achor. I am a huge fan of Shawn and his work and obviously this book as well as it combines a lot of psychological ideas and concepts about happiness along with a lot of scientific studies research and so much more and that’s really loved about Shawn’s work in general.

About The Author

Now I first got introduced to Shawn Achor, actually way back when in 2012 or 2013 from one of his TED Talks about happiness went crazy viral right I think that video alone has gotten millions upon millions of views and my kind of got into his research from that because what I love about Shawn compared to other happiness researchers or motivational speakers or self-help gurus because that’s one thing now is a lot of them just have fluff right they just say oh I believe in yourself say affirmations like visualize.

Big Potential by Shawn Achor: Book Review
Author of Big Potential
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Where you want to be and well there is some truth to that and there’s some you know evidence to support it they’re just kind of saying random things that don’t really have any tangible evidence behind it or nothing concrete and when I love what Shawn’s work specifically is that everything he says has a study to back it up every single like tidbit or fact for advice or technique that he will give you has evidence to back it up as research and studies most of the times done by him actually to demonstrate.

Here’s why this works and especially along that he has a lot of tangible things that you can implement very fast so for a lot of his research he really talks about okay rather than just being like.

The picture you want to be or be happy or whatever he says okay here are five things you can do right now five to five things you can do to start off your day here are different techniques to use for businesses and this is why he’s hired by you to know some of the business biggest businesses all around the world just to kind of work on their happiness work on their productivity and just so much more.

What’s inside the book?

This book about big potential the main idea kind of summing it up also like I said he is a happiness researcher the main idea to be sum up the entire book he’s basically working together don’t work alone any big project any big thing that you’re working on always tried to basically work together work on teamwork

All that kind of stuff as opposed to looking at as an individual pursue and what I love about this book is like I was saying earlier in this article that he really supports everything with science with evidence and it’s awesome because I do like some of you know positive thinking mentality but a lot of books are just fluffed a lot of books you could shorten up into literally like one page.

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I mean there’s not a lot of things you can do there’s not a lot of techniques there’s not a lot of evidence to support most self-help books out there but with this book he really says like okay here is a bunch of things you can do here’s a step-by-step formula to implement in your business using all these studies.

All this research all this documentation you know that will help PBC achieve your goals based of whatever they are and there are a few points in this book that I will say that do get a little repetitive I will say and although sometimes that would annoy me we know seeing like reading the same thing over and over again.

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The reason I love this book

Big Potential by Shawn Achor: Book Review

What I love about this book is well Sean might repeat the same point a couple of times every time he does so bringing a new study or basically shed the light on a new way to look at this one idea or this one concept so overall I think it’s something that everybody should read because obviously happiness right now is a big topic.

It’s a big research topic and obviously there are so many studies that he talks about to show that I’ll see if you’re happier if your team’s happier if your employees are happier your business will thrive you’ll make you know way higher profits people just enjoy your lives more you know so much more obviously.

Wrapping Up

It is obvious talks all about that in this book definitely just checking out like I said even if you’re not into business even if you don’t own your own business or you don’t you know have if you’re not like having people working unto you I think just for personal growth and if it’s if happiness is something you’re interested in which I feel like everybody is and Happiness definitely one book you absolutely have to pick up. You can get it from Amazon.

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