4 Best Books on Depression and Anxiety

Books are just like movies, movies that change lives. Similarly, books do change a life. Picking up the right book for the right cause is a bit tough, so I am writing about Best Books about Depression and Anxiety.

Depression causes so much damage to our life we can’t even stand with ourselves. It steals hopes, dreams, careers, and relationships, and it often takes our precious lives. Some take medicine to treat while some go for natural treatment. Reading books, watching movies, chilling with friends, etc. helps us to keep ourselves happy. But it doesn’t last for longer.

At some point, it just vanishes away. It’s a never-ending game. But the positive fact is it is curable. I’m not going in-depth, but the Best Books on Depression and Anxiety books I’m mentioning here will surely help you to deal with or to cure depression and anxiety.

Best Books about Depression and Anxiety

I am assuming that you are reading these books to cure yourself or to help your dear ones who are already suffering. It’s hard to identify people with depression if they don’t want others to know about their suffering.

I’ve Never Been (Un)happier by Shaheen Bhatt

Authored by Shaheen Bhatt, an Indian author, and the sister of famous Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt. In her book “I’ve Never Been (Un)happier, Bhatt wrote down her own thoughts, feelings, and sufferings, and thankfully she expressed it beautifully. She did extensive research while writing, and thus, it is incredibly relatable and has a potent meaning. The topic Bhatt has chosen is rare but highly needed in the society at this hour.

Dear Strangers, I know how you feel by Ashish Bagrecha

Ashish Bagrecha‘s debut book, like the Shaheen Bhatt’s I’ve Never Been (Un)happier; Ashish, also tried to portray the self-doubts he felt after being surrounded by depression. In his book “Dear Strangers, I know how you feel,” he penned down his insecurities and feelings when he was fighting with depression. The book contains 30 poems written for every depressed soul that yearns for healing, hope, inspiration, and motivation.

I can assure after reading this book; you will get the answer to your insecurities. The word Stranger in the title makes the book more attractive and eye-catching and gives hope that we are not alone. This is the reason I included this book in the list of “Best Books on Depression and Anxiety

Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy

This is another book based on a young girl named Ankita Sharma written by Preeti Shenoy. In this book, the story revolves around Ankita, the girl who is suffering from Bipolar Disorder. In her college days, she used to topper and energies. She always had enthusiasm in Sports, but due to some relationship problems, she becomes an easy target for depression. She tried to commit suicide, but her life gives her another chance.

Then her parents took her to a mental asylum where she misses her past life badly. But thankfully, the doctor who was treating her gives her the meaning of life. Read this book to find out the actual thing that happened to her during her college days. Still wondering why it is in the list of “Best Books about Depression and Anxiety

Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho

The book is written by Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die‘ is a beautiful tale of hope and happiness. The story revolves around a girl named Veronica who almost has everything she wants in her life but the girl still finds something is missing and that feeling of inability brings gloom and depression in her life, ended up deciding to take her own life to be the only way to be free from all the incompetence that she feels.

She took a handful of pills and wrote a funny suicide note to make people laugh at her and not to know the exact reason for her suicide, but unfortunately, life wasn’t supposed to end for her. She got hospitalized, and when awaken, she finds herself in she found her self in Villette, a mental hospital in Slovenia.

There is when the story begins; she met many characters Seka, Dr. Igor, Mari, and Eduard. Her heart gets affected by the suicidal attempt, and she was informed that she only had a week to live., so she start living each day of her life doing unexpected things, and there she finds the true self of her. The message of the book is straightforward and clear “Death is not a solution to problems and obstacles. Life is all about struggling and surviving.

Best Books about Depression and Anxiety.

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