A Touch of Eternity by Durjoy Datta

Love makes us do all sorts of things. When we are in love and by love I mean “true love” all we want is to be with that one person for eternity. A Touch of Eternity is such story involving Druvan and Anvesha, who come into this world on the same day and at the same time. They believe they are destined to be together and are ready to face the consequences and any obstacle that may come in their way even when their own parents are against them.

At such a time, a big scientific development gives them a ray of hope to be together through the possibility of reincarnation. This is a chance for them to let the world know what they mean to each other and to what extent they can go to in order to prove their love.

Druvan and Anvesha take part in this experiment as if it is a matter of life and death for them.

Can a person have command over love and life? Can such dreams be transformed into reality? And finally can true love withstand the test of times?


We can get these answers only when we get our hands on a copy of this book “A Touch of Eternity,” which will be released on the 18th of January 2021.

About the Book:

A Touch of Eternity by Durjoy Datta

A Touch of Eternity consists of 256 pages and it is in English language. It is published by the publisher Penguin Metro Reads. The publication date is 18th January 2021.

A Touch of Eternity by Durjoy Datta

Cover of the book is very pretty and elegant and you can even get a glimpse of the story written at the back. It currently ranks #73 in Books and #8 in Romance

About the Author:

Durjoy Datta, having a degree in engineering and also business management, was born in Gujarat and currently lives in Mumbai. His first novel “Of Course I Love You“got published when he was 21 years old and it was an instant hit among youngsters. He has written a number of novels till now and to his credit has almost 9 television shows, his debut show being “Sadda Haq – My Life, My Choice.”

His 5th novel “You were My Crush” was published in September 2011 and ranked at No. 3 on the Hindustan Times bestseller’s list. At the present time he is one of the best selling writers we have in our country.


Q1. How to download the A Touch of Eternity pdf?

Ans: As of now, there is no such way to download A Touch of Eternity pdf. Once we get any information, we will update this article.

Q2. Is A Touch of Eternity book PDF free?

Ans: PDF versions are always free, but as we know, piracy is a crime. So I urge my readers not to download any pirated pdfs. Instead, get the Kindle version of this book when available.

Q3. From where should I purchase A Touch of Eternity?

You can buy it from Amazon as well as Flipkart. The price of the book is more or less the same on both sites. But you need to pre-order it. So, before it goes out of stock, go and order one for yourself.

That’s all for now. The review of the book will be published soon. 😊

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Disclaimer: We don’t support piracy; that is why we can’t provide pdf links. To read this, you must buy it or borrow it from your friends like we do.


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